I'm Fine Podcast: Episode 3 - Mental Healthcare Shouldn't Be Hard to Access w/ Yarko Petriw

Our guest, Yarko, is a technologist with a passion for connecting people with the mental health support they need. Despite having a successful career as a Senior Vice President of Sales, he started a marketplace that allowed the public to easily search for and access counsellors across Canada.
Yarko Petriw is an accomplished professional with proven success in the sales landscape. But not many people know about his numerous hobbies outside of work from photography to restoring vintage motorcycles. As if he wasn't busy enough, Yarko took it upon himself to co-found Counselling Match, a marketplace service that pairs people seeking much needed mental health services through day-to-day activities or extremely difficult moments in their lives, with passionate and capable clinicians. Yarko's passion for improving mental health is an inspiration for many across our communities.
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