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I'm Fine Podcast: Episode 3 - Mental Healthcare Shouldn't Be Hard to Access w/ Yarko Petriw

Our guest, Yarko, is a technologist with a passion for connecting people with the mental health support they need. Despite having a successful career as a Senior Vice President of Sales, he started a marketplace that allowed the public to easily search for and access counsellors across Canada.

I'm Fine Podcast: Episode 2 - Finding Health in the Workplace w/ Casey Chung

Our guest, Casey, is an accountant turned coach who's personal journey led him to his passion for helping others reach their maximum potential. New to mental health, his passion and drive to help others is the basis for a truly inspirational story.

I'm Fine Podcast: Episode 1 - Equality isn't Guaranteed in Mental Healthcare w/ Ji-Youn Kim

Our guest, Ji-Youn, is a coach and counsellor dedicating her time to unravelling the systemic oppression and racism that impacts North America’s mental health infrastructure through her efforts in advocacy and her clinical practice.

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